W3S - Water Waste Warning System

W3S, powered by V-Tracker, is the Code4Software's entry for the Samsung Makers Against Drought Challenge

This site is an example of a customized version of V-Tracker, set up as a Water Waste Warning System:

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For the Judges

If you want to take a look at the system, just register with your email address and click on the navigation menu on the left. You can add records, and edit and delete the records you add, but please do not edit or delete the records that currently exist as this can potentially break the current running setup and will require a database restore to recover the orignal settings to let the system run. If you want a one-on-one guided walk-through, you can request a demo with the link below:

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About the Creator

The W3S was created by Code4Software LLC, of Hollywood Florida. This system was built using major components from a data capture and analytics package developed for the Virtual Worlds industry years ago, called V-Tracker. Originally V-Tracker stood for Virtual Worlds Tracker, but now it stands for Virtually Anything Tracker. You can learn more about the history of V-Tracker by clicking the link below:

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Messaging by Twilio

In order to carry out the actual sending of a text message or making a phone call, the Twilio API was used, accessing the Twilio system. Twilio is a top-tier competitor to Nexmo, the communication API choice for Tembo. You can learn more about Twilio and their API by clicking below:

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